Sports Programs

Providing Positive Experiences Through Sports


The sports and recreational programs offered through the Boys & Girls Club allow youth to participate in organized leagues under the direction of professional coaches at little to no cost. Sports programming is great for team-building and is often the first Club experience for many kids who go on to enroll in educational, arts, and careers programming.


Membership & Registration


Each player must have a membership to the Donald W. Reynolds Boys and Girls Club that will remain active for the duration of the program. All instructional programs listed require registration, and the deadline is the Sunday before the first meeting of the desired session. If space is available, registration can be granted by the Business Desk Administrator or the Operations Coordinator. The Club reserves the right to cancel any of its classes if the minimum number of participants is not met.

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Game days are primarily Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Teams will be school based using Fayetteville Schools. 


K-2nd Grade Basketball

Teams will play a 6-8 game season.  Scores are not kept for K & 1st grades, and games are played in a 3 on 3 format using 8-foot goals on a short court. Scores are kept in 2nd graders games. 2nd grade boys will also use a 3 on 3 format with 9-foot goals on a short court, while 2nd grade girls will continue to play on an 8-foot goals.  


3rd Grade Basketball

Teams will play an 8 game season. 3rd grade boys use 5 on 5 format with 10 foot goals, 3rd grade girls will use a 5 on 5 format and play on a 9 foot goal. They both play on full courts, and play 6-8 games with seeded games at the end of the season.


4th-8th Grade Basketball

4th grade teams play 6-8 games with seeded games at the end of the season. 5th-8th grade teams will play a 6-8 games with a guaranteed 2-game tournament at the end of the season. Teams will be school based using Fayetteville Schools.

3rd-8th Schedule3rd-8th tournament bracket




7 on 7 is for players entering 3rd-6th grades. This league will utilize a Fayetteville school and grade-based system and is designed to teach kids the fundamentals of the passing game and pass defense as well as to help with conditioning.


Participation fees cover the usage of helmets; it is the responsibility of the participant to return equipment immediately following the last game of the season. Players receive team jerseys that they get to keep. 


Practices will begin around July 24th with the first gameday beginning on August 5th. Games will also be played on August 12th and on one weekday TBD between the days of Aug. 7th-11th.  On gamedays, each team will play 2-4 games.

Flag Football

Flag football will utilize a Fayetteville school and grade-based system for player distribution. 

Coaches meeting and practices will begin the week of August 21st. The game season will begin on or after September 9th. Games will be played on Tuesday or Thursday evening and Saturday morning. 


Kindergarten and 1st graders will participate in a 5 on 5 league where the coach acts as the quarterback for their team. 2nd-6th graders will act as their own quarterbacks. K-2nd graders will play a 6 game season and 3rd-6th graders will play an 8 game season.

Kindergarten Flag Schedule1st Grade Flag Schedule2nd Grade Flag Schedule3rd Grade Flag Schedule4th Grade Flag Schedule5th-6th Grade Flag Schedule



K-5th grade squads will utilize a Fayetteville school and grade-based system for their placement, while 6th will be assigned to a squad. Cheerleaders will receive a phone call or email from their coach concerning practices before September 11th. Practices will begin the week of September 7th. Games will begin on or after September 19th. All games will be played on Tuesdays and Saturdays. K-3rd grade will cheer a 6 game season here at the Club during flag football games. 4th-6th grade tackle will cheer an 8 game season.


March gymnastics registration will be opened Monday, February 26th at 10am!



Tuesdays 5-5:50

$20 per four week session


Beginner Gymnastics

Kindergarten and up

Tuesdays 6-6:50pm

$20 per four week session


Intermediate Gymnastics

Kindergarten and up 

Tuesdays 7-7:50pm

$20 per four week session


The business office has a checklist to help determine the level your child should be in. The instructor will place as needed. Contact us with any questions.